AIDS Garden of Reflection

We are both proud and excited to launch the funding appeal that will support its construction. The fundraising is ambitious with a goal of $125,000 – help us meet our goal and donate now.

AIDS Garden of Reflection
AIDS Garden of Reflection

AIDS Garden of Reflection

at Canberra’s National Arboretum

In Canberra, our national capital, there is currently no place for the community to gather and reflect on the impact of AIDS. As a result, a community group of people living with HIV, their family and friends with the support of the AIDS Action Council have spent many years searching for the right site and raising funds. 

The AIDS Garden of Reflection has been granted a home at the National Arboretum in the Gallery of Gardens, a series of connected gardens to be located on the Arboretum’s Events Terrace, where a total of up to seven gardens will be developed in the future.  The AIDS Garden of Reflection will be incorporated as an important part of the Arboretum’s master plan and vision. 

Located between the Village Centre and the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion, this 500 square metre garden will feature a range of native plants and sculpture pieces by renowned landscape architects with generous community support. 

The space will provide, in perpetuity, a place of reflection so that the lives of people who have died from HIV and AIDS are not forgotten and their story is known by future generations.  The garden is not only about remembrance and reflection but also about inspiration and action – most memorials are built after the struggle is over – there is no cure for HIV, people continue to be at risk and we need to work together to eliminate HIV in our community.   

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We would love to hear how HIV/AIDS has impacted your life. There are so many powerful stories in the community and we love to hear yours. All names and you details remain anonymous.

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